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Crystal Claros Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Cheng Hsuan Chuang Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Emma de Silva Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Crystal Claros  i worked there and was one of the instructors let go with a weeks notice. we deserve justice
Matthew Niewiara Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Sebastian Vogt GruenwaldWrigleyville (Chicago)Yoga was something that truly changed my life and a large portion of that was the amazing instructors that movement had. Not only was stopping the programs without notice rude to the members, but even more so to the great staff they had. I hope movement makes a serious effort to make amends and bring as many back as possible.
Matthew Zeman Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Jimmy P Tippet Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Mimi Stocker Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Itzel Rangel RomeroLincoln Park (Chicago)Im signing because I think that fitness and yoga are fundamental for the Chicago climbing community, and what movement did was incredibly disrespectful and against the workers right.
Ben Zucker Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Michaela LuckeyWrigleyville (Chicago)
Amy King Wrigleyville (Chicago)I joined Movement over the other Chicago gyms because of the community. I felt more welcomed and at home at Movement because of the local staff—front desk, instructors, and setters—and other community members. On top of that, because of Movement’s supposed commitment to community, core values, and philanthropy, I was happy to be a Movement member: it was a gym I could be proud to support and be a part of. The treatment of the local staff and community in Chicago (and apparently every other gym!) has shown that these are all empty promises. It’s our responsibility as community members to hold leadership accountable for their mis-steps and ensure that the future of Movement and the climbing world is one we can be proud of.
Catherine Elliott Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Michael Werley Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Sophia Siegel Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Gary Richard Innocenti Lincoln Park (Chicago)movement has never respected the people that make that place special. They exploit staff and members every chance they get and won't stop until they have a complete overhaul of the company. I am doubtful it will ever happen but I will continue to tell the truth about this company to every climber I meet. When I tell the truth about this place, at this point I'm met with horror stories from them as well. Seems the whole community already knows the monster that movement is.
Adrien Sy Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Shane Steele-Pardue Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Camille KulandaWrigleyville (Chicago)
Geni Owen Lincoln Park (Chicago)I found a lot of value in the yoga classes. The abrupt cancellation was not fair to members or instructors.
Molly FidlowWrigleyville (Chicago)
Brie Blue Wrigleyville (Chicago)Wrongdoing happens in every relationship we experience. The goal is repair, which starts with accountability. Hearing how this has impacted your community allows you to take appropriate steps to repair that relationship. Please do what's right and take accountability, make measurable steps toward repair, and show the Chicago climbing community that this is a place that can admit harm and work toward repair.
Aoi Fukuyama Lincoln Park (Chicago)My friends and I had just started attending yoga classes regularly as they announced the "pause" of the program. I refuse to continue to pay more to get less.
Emma Quarnstrom Wrigleyville (Chicago)Yoga & fitness classes are not only integral to moving our bodies best (and most safely) as climbers but the way in which this was done reeks of elitism and disregard both for members and the instructors who received no warning about the changes. Absolutely unacceptable in a community like ours
Laura Golian Wrigleyville (Chicago)I am really disappointed in the treatment of staff as well as the fact my dues were not partially refunded even though 2/3s of services were revoked.
Charmaine Runes
Feifei Ling Lincoln Park (Chicago)My family and friends enjoyed those classes as I - so signing in support.
Kelly Holden Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Krystal LeungLincoln Park (Chicago)
Kelly Holden Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Caroline Hall Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Emily Sutherlin Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Marshall Rhea Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Michael LevyLincoln Park (Chicago)
Kimisha CassidyLincoln Park (Chicago)
Charles Martin  Communism.
Eliot Madrigal  Solidarity
Kat Wiersum  As a fitness professional who has been subjected to similar unprofessional business practices, we need to hold establishments accountable!
Hesham Al Khamis Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Ellie KustWrigleyville (Chicago)
Fennon Wisseh Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Michael Kim Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Erin Gilmore Lincoln Park (Chicago)I'm signing because I have been a member of movement Lincoln Park since the gym has opened. I have found many friends here and a great community. The yoga classes have been a large part of my membership and to have them erased so suddenly, especially with the wrongful termination of all the instructors, was a blow. Part of the perk of movement was the inclusion on yoga and fitness programs within the membership, however I would prefer a restructuring of membership prices rather than eradicating these classes. To finalize my reason, I have been a membership for years and did even receive an email about this and had to hear about it on instagram from other movement members. I will be leaving the gym if this is not reconciled properly.
Phoebe Digges-Elliott  Because these actions are unacceptable, pervasive, and inhumane. Yoga + fitness teachers are in the act of service. The pay is usually equivalent to volunteering, it’s a labor of love. They become pillars of the community, give a sense of consistency, and offer experience that represents hours of personal practice. Historically, our givers are exploited, but this ends now.
Amina Khan  Because I go to Movement to climb with my friends who are members and I am invested in the health of Chicago’s climbing community, I think Movement as a company should treat its staff fairly and with care, and that its members deserve the full benefits they signed up to receive.
Annalyn Sarmiento  
Anastasia Suvorova Lincoln Park (Chicago)Offering less for charging more.
Nash BrechtWrigleyville (Chicago)for the gym staff
Liam Brown  
Sam Tuminaro  
Jacob Barry Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Naomi ClearWrigleyville (Chicago)
Anna Hoban Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Sarah Munroe Wrigleyville (Chicago)I want my community back. I'll re-join once you start treating your employees fairly.
Anna Donnelly Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Nick Jay  They fired a bunch of my friends on short notice only to subsequently reinstate classes
Katie LaRue Wrigleyville (Chicago)A week before you notified the cancellations of yoga and fitness classes, I signed up for a 6-month contract at Movement Wrigleyville with the anticipation of using the yoga and fitness classes. These classes came WITH my membership. Now, while these classes are supposedly coming back in March, I will only have had the opportunity to attend these classes for half the contract time (3 months). Why should I be paying the full monthly membership fee for 6 months when only 50%/60% of the perks of my membership are available?
Nicole Bartecki Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Caroline Kelly Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Elizabeth Pierson Wrigleyville (Chicago)I don’t like when companies treat their employees like shit 🙂
Angel Gonzalez Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Katie Bevil Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Colleen Pecho Lincoln Park (Chicago)The community has been lied to and cheated by Movement leadership. A huge reason that I am a member is due to the yoga classes and the community that I found within them and that was stripped from us with barely an explanation. The instructors, our friends, were treated terribly and it has made me completely lose faith in this company. A place that always felt safe and welcoming has lost that luster. If yoga and fitness does not come back to Movement, I will cancel my membership and go to one of the other TWO choices I have in Chicago that gives their guests all that they were promised.
Sam Kim
Karen Figueroa  Local climber in solidarity with climbing staff
Vincent Fernandez Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Alexis NoirotWrigleyville (Chicago)I restarted my membership for the yoga classes specifically after taking a break from membership for a while.
Jennifer Thomas Lincoln Park (Chicago)Please reinstate the jobs of our yoga and fitness instructors. What makes movement great is the people
Micaela J Wu Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Maddox hussarLincoln Park (Chicago)
Ashley Hays Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Himali Bhandari Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Euan parnell Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Joshua Sacks Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Elise Patterson Wrigleyville (Chicago)The climbing community in Chicago is strong and deserves mutual respect between members, instructors, and the institutions that host our communities.
James Setzekorn Wrigleyville (Chicago)Movement cancelled ⅓ of the reason to go to Movement (classes, gym equipment, climbing), AND increased their rates. Why would I stay otherwise?
Jennifer Smith  
Marissa Katerina MackiewiczLincoln Park (Chicago)I wish to support the amazing instructors against what I see was mistreatment and disrespectful. I am also upset and feel mislead and lost value of my membership since yoga programs were discontinued
Mackenzie Quinn Wrigleyville (Chicago)Extremely upset with the spontaneous decision to remove all programming - resulting in the firing of many employees at a whim. Doing this while increasing membership fees so much is unethical and a horrible way to do business. You’d think a fitness center would want to have membership deals at the beginning of the year, not give people less. I will happily cancel my membership and encourage others to do so if management is unable to right these wrongs.
Rachel ReillyWrigleyville (Chicago)
Joshua FWrigleyville (Chicago)
Ryan Tris Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Erin Monahan  I’m a climber (who worked at Planet Granite Portland, OR before it became Movement) in solidarity with any climbing gym becoming a union in order to ensure equitable working conditions for all employees. I hope Movement Chicago meets the demands of this petition. All of the employees who were recently fired deserve justice and no employee should ever be at risk of experiencing such dehumanization.
Benjamin SchumitzWrigleyville (Chicago)It was poor decision for Movement to lay off its workers and counter to Movements core values. Additionally, removing programming and still increasing membership costs for members is ridiculous.
Yake Hu Wrigleyville (Chicago)I used to attend the fitness classes 4-5 times a week for about half year. I have became good friends with most of the fitness instructors. What the management did is very very disappointing and unacceptable!
Audie Shushan Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Brittany Hines  I am signing because I lost my fulfilling, meaningful, and community-oriented job as a yoga instructor with Movement Climbing Gyms Chicago. I lost this job mere days after being told in an email about Movement's successes and milestones. I lost this job with no substantial reasoning and without so much as a two-week warning. I lost this job and, thus, connection to my students just as we were building consistency and trust together. And I lost this job alongside so many other incredible, caring, and talented instructors who went into the holiday season and the new year without work. The climbing community is one of collaboration, communication, and deep human empathy. Movement's flippant willingness to veer from these principles is unacceptable. They must be held accountable.
David HintzLincoln Park (Chicago)I find the abrupt cancellation of all fitness classes unacceptable. It's unfair to the instructors and the part of the membership that relied on the programs. Why not scale back the amount of classes, or implement some kind of pay per class structure, rather than just eliminating altogether a service offering that's part of membership? Seems like a short-sighted decision to me.
Rosie Thale  
Ethan Samuel SaltzbergLincoln Park (Chicago)Weekly yoga classes were part of my fitness routine, and a great source of community. I'm now missing both the physical activity I enjoyed as part of my membership and the trust & community that came from my instructor and the other members. I'm concerned that my former instructor may not return to teach yoga again. I also hate having to pay a higher membership than last year despite losing essential parts of my fitness that were included in my membership - that's not a good deal.
Joshua Mark  I have climbed at Movement Lincoln Park six times in the last few weeks. I will not return until I hear that movement employees are treated fairly.
Veronica Arreola Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Heidi Bakk Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Claire Yuan Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Gregory Mytych Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Adam Leep  
Naa Asheley Ashitey  Climbing is a community and communities should feel safe and protected, now more than ever
Chris MarsagliaPortlandSolidarity. We all accomplish more when we stand together.
Julia Clarke Lincoln Park (Chicago)The cancellation of yoga and fitness classes while simultaneously raising rates for the gym is a misrepresentation of services for those with long term memberships and an unreasonable ask of monthly members who are now paying more for less services. Movements lake of transparency and unwillingness to provides its metrics for measuring “underperformance” lead me to believe movement is being disingenuous in its reasoning for the cancellation of these services.
Joseph Ronny Horner Lincoln Park (Chicago)private equity is destroying communities
BK Bolisetty Lincoln Park (Chicago)I am at movement because of the classes which help me be a better climber. I choose to go to location that is far away while I have options closer to home. I like the instructors and how attentive they are to each person in the class. Be it two or twenty people.
Jillian Morrison Lincoln Park (Chicago)I am submitting my signature not only for myself but also for the loss of community I experienced through this decision. I am upset and frustrated that Movement leadership claims to support their climbing community, then takes unilateral action against the community. I left the gym due to this situation.
Alexander Lapinski Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Maggie Fahey Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Phillip Lucansky  Charles Martin
Pat Power Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Angeline Yutakis  
Brenda HaLincoln Park (Chicago)
Karen NennoGolden
Angeline Yutakis  
Hilary Green Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Zachary JonesWrigleyville (Chicago)
Amulya Angajala Lincoln Park (Chicago)The yoga classes and connection with their instructors were a large reason for keeping my membership. I would re-enroll my membership if the demands of this petition are met.
Tiffany Yathaputanon  
Harrison SeliskyLincoln Park (Chicago)
Elise McKnight-Kim Lincoln Park (Chicago)Climbing should be about respect for other climbers and workers. I will not become a member at a gym that does not practice this.
Elizabeth Ratajczyk Lincoln Park (Chicago)I do not want to my money to go towards supporting these awful decisions made by Movement. No one should have to lose their job unexpectedly and be swept under the rug for the sake of profit. Yoga and fitness classes were an important part of the gym and community and were removed without any regard of what the people want.
Claire Marzolf Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Emily Voveris Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Jessica Olin  I'm signing because I had intended to switch to movement for 2024 but when they announced the dismissal of the classes and their teachers I found the value of what movement was offering no longer aligned with what I needed from a gym, nor aligned with my personal values for how to treat employees.
Amanda LeeLincoln Park (Chicago)Their lack of receptiveness to member feedback has been unacceptable
Patrick McguiganBaker (Denver)I wish I could say I'll cancel if necessary but we don't have many other options in Denver. 🙁
Lane Baj Lincoln Park (Chicago)I’m signing to support all my friends and teachers/staff that have suffered from this firing. Also to give the finger to the corporate overlords and let them know you don’t screw around with climbers and especially not Chicago.
Kathleen Aburano Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Mary DelGrande Wrigleyville (Chicago)I’m signing because the instructors of the yoga and fitness classes at Movement were my soul purpose in going to this gym. They became my community, and my community grew as a result. When this was taken away, this sent a shock throughout not just my community, but the neighborhood and everyone else who used Movement for this same purpose.
Phil Blaetz  I was teaching there before the "pause"
Kaley Martens  Private equity and labor malpractice has no place in the climbing industry.
Madison Yanme Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Asira hayes Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Julia Lovelace  
Manal A. Farhan  I support people power. That's the only way humanity stays in capitalist spaces.✌🏽
Marcela Ossa  I’m a climber in the Chicago community and have seen too many issues come up like this one. I’ve seen so many friends struggle as a result, as well. It needs to stop.
Rohit Agarwal  I go to Movement approx twice a month with friends. I use day passes and am thinking of switching my membership from BKB. However, I need to have access to classes for yoga and fitness with my membership.
Lindsey Burdick Lincoln Park (Chicago)
DeeDee Leng Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Linnea Hurst Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Malcolm Ramirez Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Taylor Swenski  As part of the Chicago climbing and yoga community, I feel compelled to speak out against this injustice.
Garrett Frank Wrigleyville (Chicago)I’m signing because the yoga classes are a core aspect of why I frequent the gym. Without the classes, I have much less interest in continuing my membership
Ida Nilson Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Alex Holterman Lincoln Park (Chicago)The Movement community has been critically damaged by disrespectful and shortsighted actions by company leadership, and we deserve better.
Shannon Allison Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Eric Erpelo  In support for my good friend who was a respected instructor for this company and was laid off right before the holidays.
Claire Yandell  
Sal Ayala Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Daniel oseguera RockvilleCorporate hierarchies undermine the value of the people who work with/for them and treat them with little to no dignity far too often. The people responsible need to be held accountable and if they are not willing to change I am not willing to give them my business.
Olivia Fudi Fickenscher Rockville
Abraham Sanchez  I am not a movement member and will never be as long as Movement continues to treat itself as a place where maximizing shareholder value is the only thing you care about, the disregard for your employees and members is gross to say the least. I will continue to invite current members of movement Chicago to come join First Ascent and Brooklyn Boulders.
Lena Cohen  
Christian Marquez Wrigleyville (Chicago)I'm signing because Movement shouldn't be allowed to destroy community for their own greed and corporate gain. It's clear that management does not care about the people that make the place, and we need to show them that we won't stand for that.
Camille Libunao-Erpelo  
John lam Lincoln Park (Chicago)Unfair and unjust reasons for removing the programs
Emily Rubin Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Cynthia Tran Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Rocky Tolledo  Went to classes and know close friends affected by this poor decision by leadership
Nicole Bayani
Andrew MohamaLincoln Park (Chicago)
David Albers Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Afrah Ali Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Samuel Kuhns Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Dana White Lincoln Park (Chicago)I can not in good conscience return to membership at Movement if there is not real action on Movement corporate leadership’s part to remedy the harm their actions have caused. Lip service and bringing back classes in March with no effort to partner with instructors and the community is simply not enough.
Gideon Yim Lincoln Park (Chicago)I hope they will consider the impact on the community more before making big decisions that will affect the livelihood of members and staff.
Joy Lee  I was planning on signing up for a membership when, with almost no notice, 2/3rds of movement’s main offerings, the fitness and yoga classes, were removed without any concrete plans for when and how they would be reinstated. Hearing how the instructors were mistreated and the lack of communication to both them and existing members was even more evidence that this kind of dramatic cutback in programming was done without thinking about the impact on members or staff. It would be absurd to trust that movement won’t take similar actions in the future if the company does not meet the requests lined out in the petition, and until the demands are fulfilled, I will not be signing up for a membership, and will likely look for another gym to attend.
Michelle Orden Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Ali Renes  Christian Marquez is an amazing fitness instructor
David Nguyen  
Ania Bilinska Wrigleyville (Chicago)It wasn't right for Movement to cancel the yoga and fitness program without community input. It wasn't right for them to do that right before the holidays and the end of the year. It wasn't right for them to let the instructors go. It wasn't right for them to do all of this after they announced a price increase. Legally, they breached contracts with members and possibly employees too. Just all around not right. I couldn't be okay with continuing my membership there for the rate Movement charges without the programs promised.
Julia GomezWrigleyville (Chicago)
Gabriel CarterLincoln Park (Chicago)
Christopher Lucero  I’m signing because I had my best friend lose his job out of no where. He now has to figure out how to pay bills for his family. He also was trying to get me to sign up but I wouldn’t want to anymore if this is how they treat their staff and members.
Rayanna StevensonLincoln Park (Chicago)
Adam Thomas Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Courtney Smola Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Elliott SternBaker (Denver)I'm signing because I fully support the staff that have been wrongfully terminated in Chicago, especially right after they raised cost of membership. It is wrong and disgusting of them to do so
Pattrick Stanton  Solidarity with the workers affected by this shameful firing.
JP Quindara Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Nolan Mac Lincoln Park (Chicago)You fired all my friends
Beckett BallowGowanus (Brooklyn)
Louise Gretschel Rockville
Sarah Oz Johnson Wrigleyville (Chicago)I top-rope (not boulder) and only occasionally am able to go to the gym with a partner, so membership didn't make sense to me without yoga and fitness classes as part of the value. I loved the classes I took and am appalled with how this decision was communicated both to members and workers -- the reasons given don't make sense (If certain classes had lower attendance, why not just cancel those?), it's a terrible way to treat members who signed up for a 6 or 12 month contract expecting a service to be provided, and an even worse way to treat employees who could never have foreseen this happening and were given essentially no notice.
Carson Valdez Santa ClaraHow fucking dare you
Alexa ZielinskiGowanus (Brooklyn)I am a movement employee and I want recognition of the different unionization efforts and protection for movement employees. Movement employees time and time again have demonstrated that they want to unionize— stop with the slimy union busting tactics and give your employees what they want! Legal leverage and a SAY in gym operations! Your corporate profits are not the most important thing— we are humans too! With lives and families.
havin leungGowanus (Brooklyn)
Michael O’Sullivan  I’m bummed about the commercialization of one of the community spaces I hold dear. As someone who works closely with a number of affinity groups in the Chicago climbing community, it is important that climbing gyms actually and wholeheartedly support the community, by listening to them, and providing for their specific needs. What I’ve instead witnessed is that Movement (amongst other entities) is a lack of regard for community needs and instead focusing on perhaps some sort of profit motivated stakeholder benefitting scheme. I urge Movement to acknowledge that it’s the community that makes the gyms a desirable place to be, and without the support from the community, movement can’t be a place of refuge for the Chicago climbing community. Rather than alienate the support of the community and our partners, coaches, instructors, and friends, you must take a step back, listen deeper, and move with, not against the community.
Jess Jankowski Wrigleyville (Chicago)Since I became a member in 2022, gym staff/instructors have consistently been nothing but lovely to interact and work with. I refuse to belong to a gym that treats its staff poorly. I urge leadership to own up to their mistakes and repair.
Shannon CassidyCrystal City (Arlington)
Mina Urbina Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Grace K Goszkowicz Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Sarah Haase
Autumn Van Buren Hampden (Baltimore)Unethical practices
Aaron SiegelLic (Queens)
Maile Richardson  
Brendan Brasch Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Isabel Almaraz  I am assigning due to the time notice of letting staff go along with the impacts of pausing the mission statements on local Chicago communities
Ben Bonnema  Companies should listen to their workers!
Evan HullLincoln Park (Chicago)
Katherine Hirte Lincoln Park (Chicago)I sign for all the reasons I stated in my many emails to Managment and for all the reasons publicly stated in my review of the gym on Google
Brennan Gudmundson Lincoln Park (Chicago)Because that’s a pretty big cunt move to fire all your staff a week before Christmas. Also you took no smart business decisions before you just LIAD OFF 40 PEOPLE. WHO THE HELL THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOOD FIRST STEP. Get fucked.
Hang Mac  
Kim Mac  You know what is worst gym? Movement Chicago
Ulises Huete  
Michael DurocherWrigleyville (Chicago)
Davi Aragao  I’m not a member, but I would buy movement day passes specifically for the yoga classes. Hate to see this
Chris Mathis  I use Movement gyms a lot when I volunteer with ACG who requires Chicago Movement facilities for training. The recent events are disturbing and signifies that the company does not value its patrons or staff, nor the surrounding climbing community that requires its facilities. An unhappy staff = unhappy customers = unhealthy community. Change is needed.
Khang Ton Lincoln Park (Chicago)I believe Movement leadership must make amends by rehiring the staff after giving them less than a month's notice.
Maxxim Ludeke  A close friend of mine was effected by these irrational and untimely closures of yoga + fitness programming.
Aidan Davick  
Lisa Caine  Gym employee who gets it
Joseph Flynn  Climbing gyms need community
Nicole GeanousWrigleyville (Chicago)A huge reason I choose Movement was because of the fitness classes. I loved the instructors and always felt welcomed and challenged. I have been so let down by the cancellation it has stopped me from going to Movement as a whole as often. It was a huge sense of community to me.
Sofia Schillace Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Kaelin Montanez Callowhill (Philadelphia)
Nicole Tolentino Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Tessa Hannigan Callowhill (Philadelphia)
Peter Sebio  
Lucas Petrakis Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Kris Blackmore Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Geta job
Margaret CoxCrystal City (Arlington)I really love Movement Gym and I’m really concerned by what appears to be a huge lack of transparency. I hope that Movement Gym will take action to clarify what happened, why, and take steps to make it right.
Amanda S  
Matt Narasimhan Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Stacey Audrey Wildermuth Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Kyle Wildermuth Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Alexandra Warren Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Ranee Harder Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Roberto C FloresWrigleyville (Chicago)One of the great things I loved about movement was the classes that they offered which went above any of the other climbing gyms. The abrupt cancellation showed little respect to those instructors who dedicated their time to members bringing enjoyable classes. Now nothing sets them apart from the other climbing gyms.
Charles Taylor  I'm curious about how this issue of yoga classes impacts the climbing community, so to speak. I truly wonder how anyone in this climbing community feels a company of gyms and climbing facilities should provide world class services where they see falling numbers of clientele. It's a business and must do what's needed to make the business attractive and welcoming for the clients they are getting. If yoga as making money they likely would not cancel it. I'd like to know more about how one issue effects another and why just keeping to core values of gym use and climbing facilities isn't a good business plan for employees and clients.
Danielle Bartley
Will Higgins Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Casandra Besteman Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Joey Dearduff Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Leya D Ruchti  I was planning to become a member prior to the program changes. A main reason I was willing to give up my other gym membership was the class opportunities. I would still like to join movement gym if there was a reduced membership fee without classes or at the current price structure for the return of classes.
Britton Stotler Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Megan Duffy Baker (Denver)
Drew Zelac  
Jason Cruz Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Araya Hope Barnes  As a climber and a union activist, I'm appalled to see something like this happening in my local community. Hopefully, Movement Chicago will be able to listen to their members more than they cared for their employees. Power to the workers, those affected and those remaining, and solidarity from the greater Chicago Climbing Community.
Rashid Klostermann Lincoln Park (Chicago)I’m signing because I think it’s the right thing to do.
Najwa Alwattar  
Elena Forsline Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Erica Hartmann Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Jacob Roth Wrigleyville (Chicago)Climbing gyms and communities, and Movement's actions have broken trust amongst the community. I climbed at gyms in Baltimore for years and always loved their locations. This is a huge disappointment after moving to Chicago.
Jordan Laesch Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Emilia Banes  
Jocelyn Leitzinger Lincoln Park (Chicago)I dropped my membership with other gyms in the city because of their unethical behavior - i had heard that Movement was a better company. I'm incredibly disappointed to learn that Movement does not operate under a higher ethical standard.
Kiersten Lofton Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Emily Moon
Kathleen Healy Wrigleyville (Chicago)I was a consistent attendee of Movement’s yoga classes for a year before the “pause”, and the classes had become ritual highlights of my week. I’m incredibly disappointed in Movement for the way they are handling the situation. They have shown complete disrespect for their community and staff.
Yvette Trang nguyenLincoln Park (Chicago)There need to be a discount or lower price on membership or reinstatement of yoga classes as benefitting original contract agreements to why I chose to be with movement
Daniel Weis  I have climbed at movement and been a part of the community and want to support staff and members.
Joe ValliquetteLincoln Park (Chicago)
Lindsay Longstreth  I attend movement to climb regularly and was considering a membership but have held off and just bought day packs because of their actions
Drew Landrowski Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Brittany Wenzelman  Movement is an evil corporation with no accountability.
Jennifer Thiermann Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Daniel Lieberman GoldenThe rates go up. The things that come with the rates go down.
Andrew ThiermannLincoln Park (Chicago)
Neil Fitzgerald Crystal City (Arlington)
Matthias Kelderman  Employees deserve better.
John Franke  To show solidarity from another climbing community
Brandon SeefLincoln Park (Chicago)
Kate Jennings Lincoln Park (Chicago)Fired fitness teacher missing the joy my Monday night squad brought. In solidarity with the other amazing instructors who I learned from and members adored.
Dane Falberg  
Daisy Wynn Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Sara BeladiGolden
Chhavi Rastogi  
Jared  Movement visitor
Jon Ølnes  
John Roark Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Veronika Lyubenko Callowhill (Philadelphia)
Christopher GillespieCallowhill (Philadelphia)I want to see the same level of transparency from the new ownership as the old. Since acquiring The Cliffs, updates from Movement have been exclusively negative. While I love our gym, I love the local climbing community more and would rather join Tufas if it does a better job supporting the community. I want to see Movement acknowledge that this industry is not simply another commodified service sector investment, but a rich culture that deserves to be cared for beyond quarterly profits.
Maxxum Fioriti Callowhill (Philadelphia)I don't want this policy to spread to my location.
Amy Kalmbach Lincoln Park (Chicago)I'm signing because I believe in accountability. And I expect a business like Movement to act with integrity.
ChrisCallowhill (Philadelphia)
Adam Block BoulderFormer gym employee, anti union busting practices. Never rejoining
Connor Stafford  I'm a member of another gym with problems properly funding and staffing a non-revenue fitness department and my gym and movement both need to know I will work to hold them accountable.
Jessica Whitlock  Solidarity
Richard GayLincoln Park (Chicago)The yoga program was a worth half the value of having a Movement membership. The wonderful teachers were treated so shabbily. The classes were packed, fun and a great community-builder. Yoga and Fitness are 2/3 of the tagline of the gym and are written in huge letters on the outside of the building.
Bertha M Kuo Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Kevin McDonald Wrigleyville (Chicago)I’m signing because I really enjoyed the fitness and yoga classes, and feel I’m being ripped off because along with an increase in monthly membership fee, it doesn’t feel fair!
Valeria Balza
Maryssa BannanLincoln Park (Chicago)I’m signing because the pause in these classes has changed the environment of the gym. This environment was one of community and positivity and it is now severely lacking without these programs.
Nicholas WangLincoln Park (Chicago)
Michaela Shapiro  My friends deserve better!!!
Caitlin Kennedy  
Jonathan Trevor Seibert  I care about my community!
Akanksha Saletore Lincoln Park (Chicago)Solidarity with the staff who were treated unfairly.
Jeffrey Ding  
Shuaihua WangWrigleyville (Chicago)
Timothy Leplae-ArthurLincoln Park (Chicago)
Christopher MyefskiWrigleyville (Chicago)
Parker Watson  
Torre Ippolito Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Danielle Bonaccorso Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Jeremy Kupferman  Unethical behavior is rampant in the world of climbing gyms, and gym owners should be held accountable for their self-serving and anti-community activities whenever possible.
Mike Taret Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Tess Alexander  Climbing communities are important and movement is actively breaking down the community by not supporting team members
Diya Basrai Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Chase Dumbacher Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Nathan Chau San Francisco
Evan VetterWrigleyville (Chicago)
Haley Carter-YeagerWrigleyville (Chicago)Among many many other things, bait and switching is illegal lol.
Diego Rizzo-Johnson Wrigleyville (Chicago)Shame on Movement. Even if they agree to all these terms, I still wouldn't come back. Don't give them your money.
Laurel JakubowskiWrigleyville (Chicago)Membership prices should not increase if a major component of the membership is being revoked, therefore making the membership less valuable.
Nicholas OlynciwWrigleyville (Chicago)
Adrian Blasi  My 2024 resolution was to start a new hobby and I signed up for a climbing class just before this came out with no warning. Now I'm questioning my decision to join at all if this is how Movement treats its staff and community.
Maaz Ahmad  
Marielle Magnin Wrigleyville (Chicago)The instructors were unfairly treated and the members were taken for granted. Lots of other gym options in the city.
Sydney Hughes Wrigleyville (Chicago)Increasing prices and laying people off before the holiday is absolute villain behavior
Wendy MacBrideLincoln Park (Chicago)I haven't been back to the gym since hearing about these cancellations. I feel deceived. I recently signed up for a membership and the fitness programs were a big part of that decision. I was never notified of the plan to cancel all classes when I signed up for 6 months, and my membership costs the same? Winter is the ideal time to hit the gym. I signed up for a lifting workshop so I would feel prepared to take lifting classes. I like this gym and location, but this is a horrible introduction to this facility. You sent a newsletter talking about classes, and they were still being advertised in the gym after they were cancelled. This is beyond shady. Why wasn't I told this when I inquired about classes before signing up for a 6 month membership?
Sarah Sutherlin  I may not be a Movement member but I’ve bought many day passes to take a class offered there. I will not be coming back after hearing about this from my instructors and friends. If I were a member I would cancel immediately and go somewhere where the deal you thought you signed up for is honored, and classes are offered with membership. Come join me at FA.
Jacqueline SchippWrigleyville (Chicago)While I initially signed up for bouldering, the yoga classes quickly became part of my weekly routine, and started providing more value for my membership than just bouldering alone ever could. The teachers are incredible and helped make Movement what it was. How Movement communicated to members and teachers alike was wrong and unfair.
Ian Grant-FunckWrigleyville (Chicago)
Rachel RossetLincoln Park (Chicago)
Kristen Tarr Wrigleyville (Chicago)This decision is extremely disrespectful to Movement's hardworking staff (and paying members). The name of the gym is "Movement - CLIMBING, YOGA, AND FITNESS" now two-thirds of the brand is gone. How is this fair to any of their members?! Even if yoga/fitness classes are somehow brought back after the "pause" in some distant and undetermined future, who is to say they can successfully find high quality instructors after the mistreatment of the staff? Theres no way the amazing instructors will return to teach after this. The quality of the instructors are what add the value to the gym. Whoever is making these decisions, whether locally in chicago or at the national corporate level, is extremely misinformed to the goings-on at my gym. Every yoga class I've been to has been full and strapped for space - I have no idea who is claiming that classes are underperforming. There is sustained and genuine interest in attending these classes. The hardworking staff at Movement have made incredible strides and efforts above their pay grades to create a local community at the gym. Affinity group meetups, wellness fairs, competitions and raffles, makers markets, seasonal parties, and more. I've felt for awhile that a genuine community was building at Wrigleyville and LP.... However, this abrupt and thoughtless decision shattered my view of Movement's brand and illuminated their true colors as a soulless and thoughtless corporation. There really are no words to describe my complete and utter disappointment. How sad!
Dionna Bidny
Lizette Cárdenas Lincoln Park (Chicago)I joined the gym because of the classes that were offered along with the climbing. The instructors were awesome and worked with members of all fitness levels. They genuinely cared. It was disappointing to have the classes cancelled so suddenly.
Qianzi He Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Nicolas Meece-Potowski Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Michael GrecoLincoln Park (Chicago)
Nathan Peterson  That’s not ok for movement to do
Sonia Gutierrez  
Luisa DiGiano  
Izzy Kearney  
Avery Rubins  I work at a climbing gym!! I stand with gym employees everywhere
Alison George  I have friends at movement who are unhappy with the conditions
Jane Brunson  
elsa plumb  
Ian Yoon Rockville
Atticus RiceWrigleyville (Chicago)
Christine Woods Wrigleyville (Chicago)I’m a member and I just trenes for six months in December before the cancellation of classes came. I was really looking forward to yoga classes this winter so this was a huge disappointment
John Myrda Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Susan Hines  
Tom Hines  
Conor Wellman  
Dylan von Kondrat Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Jack Welms Lincoln Park (Chicago)
madison ruth  
Derron Yu  
Haley Huskey  I have friends who work for and climb at Movement who were impacted by the decision to discontinue yoga and fitness classes.
Ryan Kneezle Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Cameron Erens  I went to Movement ONLY for the AcroYoga classes. Movement Lincoln Park had a wonderful sense of community thanks to the yoga and exercise classes.
Damon Major  I came specifically for acro yoga. It's one of the few places in chicago which does it. I have not come back since
Owen Sims  
Luke Hower  
Freeman Gao  I visit Movement about once a month on top of my FA membership. This event is disheartening and encourages me to not visit the Movement chain any longer.
William J HooverWrigleyville (Chicago)Signing in solidarity with the affected community members and the lack of clarity provided. Especially before the holidays, this was a bad look and vibe.
Emma Hardy Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Hannah FosterWrigleyville (Chicago)
Mason Dziekanowski  This is wrong.
Swetha Addala Lincoln Park (Chicago)Coz I agree, this is BS. Yoga classes were always full. Increasing rates AND removing classes make no sense.
Kim Marino  
David SalkoffLincoln Park (Chicago)
Erin Warren  
Rebecca Giboney  
Dellis Whitehall  
Matthew Broton Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Taylor Rotsted Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Alyson Farrer Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Natalie Stephan  
Michael La Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Mary Brunson  
Crystal GuzmanLincoln Park (Chicago)
Miguel Hernandez  To show my support for movement members and instructors and for the climbing community in general that were impacted by this
Clifford MeeceLincoln Park (Chicago)I find it hard to believe how badly Movement has handled the situation. The silence from them is so insulting. It is also insulting to see 'yoga' touted in so many places at Movement, like on the doors, walls, employee t-shirts, promotional materials, social media accounts, etc, when they show so little regard for it in practice. It is making me really doubt their use of the word 'Community' as well.
Sara Sanchez Wrigleyville (Chicago)I am a member of the Wrigleyville Movement gym primarily for yoga classes, which I've attended consistently for over two years. The classes were well-attended in large part because the instructors are so thoughtful and amazing. I'm appalled that those instructors and the friends I made in class were treated this way.
Sophie Buchmueller  I have been coming to Movement Wrigleyville on and off since it opened and the yoga classes were my favorite part. The instructors are amazing and they make everyone at all levels of ability and experience feel comfortable practicing yoga. I had been planning to join as a member in January but now I’ve reconsidered because it isn’t worth it without the classes, especially with the recent rate increase.
Ian MolnarLincoln Park (Chicago)
Rebeca PopLincoln Park (Chicago)
Florian BartholomäusWrigleyville (Chicago)
Jonathan ZinckWrigleyville (Chicago)Yoga classes were a big reason to keep my membership in the first place!
Caleb Marshall  Climbing/Yoga are communal sports—not money-making machines!!
Zoei Benzon Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Amanda Shields Crystal City (Arlington)Climbing. Yoga. Fitness doesn't exactly work without yoga.
Maya Demianczuk Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Maria PayriLincoln Park (Chicago)
Michael Shirley  
Madeline BaroneSigning an annual contract at a time that unlimited yoga and fitness is offered and having that cancelled without any refund of price is unfair and shady, if not a breach of contract.
Gracie Gramelspacher Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Anastasia SasewichWrigleyville (Chicago)So many! Fully disagree with business practice of terminating employees with no notice or explanation. Their actions go against their own values. Don't want to support a profit above all mentality in our community. Lastly—they advertise and I paid for a membership that includes yoga and fitness classes. That they would eliminate this service with no notice and for an entire quarter (if they return in March - not optimistic) is unacceptable.
Malena ChengLincoln Park (Chicago)
Lena GuerreroLincoln Park (Chicago)
Logan Thomson-de SaLincoln Park (Chicago)
Jennifer RaafLincoln Park (Chicago)The fitness and yoga classes were the primary reason I chose this climbing gym over others. Now I'll consider going elsewhere.
Joshua VahalaWrigleyville (Chicago)Definitely want a discount on membership if this part of why I got the year membership is not included.
Elena NentchevaWrigleyville (Chicago)I want a reduced monthly fee because I will have to get another gym membership for classes.
Lora Bishop Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Angie Pagan Boulderthe proletariat has nothing left to lose but their chains
Pearl Paramadilok Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Celeste Keith Lincoln Park (Chicago)I have already left one local gym for movement because of the way they treated their routesetters and employees after a sudden facility closure, and then lying to the public and employees that they would hire anyone back at the remaining location. I am more than willing to do it again.
Jennifer Zoleta  
Pamela Bejarano  The climbing community had done so much for me and this is the second time I have seen the firing of employees in the climbing community without proper notice in Chicago.I want to support those who have been affected and prevent this from happening again.
Tess Eisen Baker (Denver)Yoga and fitness classes help members stay strong and avoid injury and they way this company is behaving is wrong on many levels
Marilyn Sedlak Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Eli Hamilton Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Matt Groll  
Jim Lee  Movement's actions are unacceptable. I have decision to make on which gym I join next, and I will be watching this closely. I will not support Movement gyms anywhere with membership or day passes if they do not reinstate instructors with back pay.
Levi Levin  Supporting our comrades.
Trevor HenshawLincoln Park (Chicago)
Russell Bidish  
Esther Chen Lincoln Park (Chicago)I committed to a yearly membership under the premise of fitness and yoga classes
Erin DameryWrigleyville (Chicago)
Kristin HammargrenWrigleyville (Chicago)I’m extremely disappointed that Movement would act in a way that so clearly devalued its commitment to the wellbeing of staff and members. If the company does not acknowledge their mishandling of the situation and commit to making amends and establishing healthier communication processes moving forward, I will likely cancel my membership and spend my money at a business that better serves the local community. The real shame here is that the employees in chicago are going to experience the most disruption of their lives based on decisions out of their control.
Joshua Mu
Jonathan Vittorio Callowhill (Philadelphia)Former manager
Beatriz Becerra F. Lincoln Park (Chicago)I don’t think is honest to make us members to pay a fee for services that are not offered.
Katharine Scheuch Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Amanda L DickWrigleyville (Chicago)
Travis LudlumBelmont
Claire Hemmerly Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Elizabeth Mascio  I buy the 7-passes and yoga classes were an important part of that for me. I didn’t know they were gone until after I bought the most recent one. Sneaky sneaky, and shameful.
Alex Powell Wrigleyville (Chicago)This was a huge misstep on Movement's part. I joined this gym partially because of the values you claim to uphold, but your actions speak differently. It is also ridiculous that prices have been raised during this bullshit. How can you justify the premium price for non premium services. I'll be returning to First Ascent if this doesn't change.
Emily McCoy Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Guerin Holtermann Lincoln Park (Chicago)I thought it was just a financial move that was straightforward for movement, classes weren't being utilized, etc. But after hearing the details and understanding that all the other gyms aren't dealing with this issue, makes this issue all the more real.
Emily Buckner Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Jonathan Vittorio  Former employee at callowhill
Alison Hubert Wrigleyville (Chicago)I was the yoga program manager for Wrigleyville until the mass layoff. This was ridiculous and did damage not only to me and my mental health; but also damaged my entire team and I’m not going to stand for it.
Sarah Stillman  I believe in workers rights, and find it VERY important to make it uncomfortable for any corporation to mistreat and abuse its workers, who are solely responsible for your financial success. Laziness, ingratitude and immaturity among Movement’s upper management has been evident in their actions, and it’s now time to repair the harm done to the inappropriately dismissed staff.
Sarah Janette Lemley  I was laid off the same day I was hired and wasn’t notified directly. The reason given was false.
Susan Dreeben Lincoln Park (Chicago)As a member of the Chicago climbing community and having gone to movement sometimes with friends who work there, it's important to me that members and staff be treated as community members.
Dana NLincoln Park (Chicago)
Sara Cooper Lincoln Park (Chicago)Because the community of movement is made by the people and for the people. Lining corporate pockets should never be at the expense of the well being of those who do the most at the client level, do better Movement Mgmt!!
Ryan Juguan  
Alisha Ragon  I support workers, I highly value yoga and fitness as a balance to climbing, and generally being responsible business partners with employees, contractors, and community members. Movement can do so much better than this, so please do better.
Rachael Johnson Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Nicole ChimientiWrigleyville (Chicago)
Annabel Shu  i'm signing because i'm a gym employee and movement makes me SICK!
Mitsuki Fendt  
Tim OberweisLincoln Park (Chicago)The classes were an integral part of why I signed up for the gym and the instructors themselves were a large reason of why I stayed. The way this was handled by Movement was unacceptable.
karen dilfer Lincoln Park (Chicago)
Heather Williams  I know people directly affected by this and believe it’s wrong for businesses to treat their employees so poorly.
Corinne Smith  I’ve thought about switching my membership to Movement a few times, but all of this cemented in my mind that they are just another giant corporation out for profit by exploiting their employees.
Beka Marhoefer Wrigleyville (Chicago)
Kristofer Cagampang  I already left due to the issues
Stephanie JamillaCrystal City (Arlington)
David Drevdahl  I believe In unions though I’m not in one
cody folta Hampden (Baltimore)
Lo SmithHampden (Baltimore)
Nicole Guilfoyle Crystal City (Arlington)
Amanda BorthCrystal City (Arlington)
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