6/28 Petition Update

Social movements like petitions cannot happen without the help of a ton of people.

We want to thank everyone who played a role in the petition campaign holding Movement Gyms leadership accountable for the decisions leading up to and their handling of their cancellation of Yoga and Fitness along with the firing of all those wonderful instructors.

This includes everyone who has:

  • Signed the petition
  • Talked to someone at the gym about the petition
  • Supporters from outside Chicago
  • Members from other climbing gyms
  • Shared stories and information about the teachers, the programs, and Movement leadership
  • Been a part of organizing in any way, shape, or form.

Regardless of if we’re able to get our petition demands met, the truth of how Movement leadership treated the Chicago community spread.

We didn’t let them cover it up. And we won’t ever forget it.

As of today, it has been 176 days since Tony Ferrari (Regional Director) promised the Chicago gyms that they would partner with both returning and new instructors.

So far, they have only re-hired one former instructor.

We are still angry and hurt.

Ideally, we would keep working on this campaign until we win all points in the petition, but our resources are limited. We all have demanding jobs and lives, which is why our posts have been dwindling.

We are sorry to say that we have to step back.

The number of signatures and pledges has not yet reached what we need to officially send the petition (based on feedback from many of our pledgers and calculations done by our financial members).

The website is paid for through December 2024, so we’ll leave the petition up, but we won’t be able to actively promote it.

If it does reach the number we need (1500), we’ll send it!

We simply won’t be able to actively run this campaign any more.

We can still reach that goal; it’ll just require you (specifically you reading this) to step up and spread the word.

We wish we could’ve done more, but we are grateful we got to accomplish as much as we have.

People more experienced with organizing have told us that even if this petition fails, it’s not truly a failure because we all stood up together to ensure that Movement leadership couldn’t cover it up.

To continue in the spirit of holding Movement (and other climbing gym) leadership accountable, show some support to our friends in all of the climbing unions!

Again, we thank all of you from the depths of our heart for all the love and support you’ve shown Chicago, our instructors, our staff, and everyone in our community.

While it wasn’t a nice thing that brought us together, it is nice to stand together.

In peace and solidarity,

–Chi Movement Solidarity

Actions You Can Still Take:

Actions you can still take:

  • Sign the petition
  • Talk to friends about the petition
  • Email Movement leadership to let them know how you feel about their handling of the yoga and fitness pause and mass firing in Chicago
    • jeremy.levitt@movementgyms.com (CEO)
    • anthony.ferrari@movementgyms.com (Regional Director)

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