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On December 9, 2023, Movement Chicago leadership sent its gym members an email notice of the cancellation of its fitness and yoga programs due to “underperformance” with the final classes set for December 15. Class instructors and coaches were given the same amount of notice of their termination.

Movement cancelled these programs in order to “revamp” them without asking for any feedback from gym members or supervisors. They also claim to have notified the program supervisors ahead of time, but supervisors say they were not contacted.

The “underperformance” Movement claims is shown through consistently full classes, happy class participants, and a thriving community that extends beyond the walls of the gym, as Movement Chicago gym members explain.

The Movement Chicago Facebook account explained to one community member that these programs are expected back “before the end of 2024.” It seems they anticipate this “revamp” to take almost a full year.

Additionally, a now-former teacher disclosed that Tony Ferrari, Movement Chicago’s Regional Manager, confirmed that Movement would not be rehiring any of these instructors that were let go as a result of Movement leadership’s decision.

Ferrari did state that when the programs do return, “Job postings will be listed and all are encouraged to apply.” These now-former instructors will not be notified by Movement when their jobs are listed.

In response, a group of Movement Chicago members started a petition campaign, operating under the name Chi Movement Solidarity.

Chi Movement Solidarity

That’s us.

We are but lowly gym-goers with a mission to hold Movement leadership accountable.

We’re organizing a mass pledge-to-cancel petition to be signed by members of the greater climbing community.

At this point in time, the petition is not yet ready to be signed (waiting for legal to give us the go-ahead!).

In the meantime, email the leadership:

About how this decision has greatly impacted the community, something that Movement supposedly cares a lot for, at least according to their About page.

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If the community does not hold climbing gym leadership accountable now, it sets a precedent for how all climbing gyms are allowed to treat their members or communities.

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