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Email Movement leadership to hold them accountable for harming their communities and acting outside of their core values and commitments to community and DEI:

  • (CEO)
  • (Regional Director)

Here are some email templates you can copy and paste, if you’re not sure what to write.

Keep emailing Movement leadership, as most of us have not received any response at all.

Regarding the Chicago Yoga and Fitness Timeline Update

Dear Movement Leadership,

I appreciate you communicating a timeline update regarding Chicago yoga and fitness to your Chicago members, but I still have a lot of unanswered questions.

If this “pause” was a financial decision, how did you have the finances to acquire 9 gyms in 2023, 5 of which were finalized in the end of 2023?

Regarding participation trends, why did you “pause” the programs at the time of year when these programs consistently see growth? Why didn’t you take action in the summertime, when people don’t attend the classes as much?

These classes max out at 25 people, and they were consistently full. What does “participation trends” mean? Can you share some actual data instead of vague analyses?

Regarding your claim to partner with former and future instructors, why didn’t you reach out to former instructors about partnership first, before sending this timeline update?

I don’t trust your claims. Your words and supposed care for your community have not been supported by any meaningful action.

Why haven’t you already started the partnership efforts with your community? Why did you ignore most emails from concerned members telling their stories and choose to reply with a copied and pasted answer from the original email?

You need to partner with the whole community, nationwide, not just individuals.

Sending surveys that you can hide behind is not enough to fix the harm you’ve caused.

I don’t know that anyone can trust you after the decisions you’ve made and the way you’ve handled this entire situation.

I appreciate your prompt answers to these important questions and your future action toward re-building trust with your community.


What is “Underperformance”?

Dear Movement Leadership,

I’m writing to ask you about the “pause” of the yoga and fitness programs (where you fired all the instructors without warning) at the Chicago locations for “underperformance.”

After reading many testimonials from class participants and now-former instructors (and from personal experience), these classes were all well-attended to the point where supervisors hired four new instructors days before the “pause” because of how much the programs were growing.

Many of us have also expressed a willingness to pay extra to keep these programs afloat with the original instructors who have done a wonderful job cultivating safe and welcoming environments.

So if “underperformance” isn’t about class attendance (since the classes were all well-attended), and all you needed to do was ask for financial aid from your participants, what does “underperformance” actually mean?

We, your community members, deserve to see some genuine data illustrating what “underperformance” looks like.

We also deserve you to partner with us instead of making decisions for us “for our benefit” without asking for our opinions first.

In short, what does “underperformance” mean?



Dear Movement Leadership,

On your “Why Us” page, you express a commitment to community and list a set of core values that includes partnership.

You say, “We are all responsible for contributing to the achievement of a defined goal. Sometimes we follow, sometimes we lead, but we are always working towards a common vision. We are better together working as a team.”

Yet, your decision to suddenly and without warning “pause” the yoga and fitness programs at your Chicago locations without first asking for input from any of the instructors, supervisors, or members indicates a lack of partnership. By not communicating with your local team members, you show that you actually think that we are not better together working as a team.

You have told us countless times that you “did not make this decision lightly,” but why did you think the decision should have been yours alone to make?

If you had chosen to partner with your team members and your local community, we could have come up with a solution that would have benefitted everyone involved and made your community love and trust you for the good work and partnership you’re doing.

My fellow members have been shouting that we’re willing to pay extra to fund the yoga and fitness programs as they were because they’re that important to us. They have been performing that well.

Instead, you made us more distrustful of you. You harmed your community and put a giant, red “X” through your partnership core value.

How will you demonstrate your commitments to your community and to partnership moving forward?

How will you make it up to us, your community that you harmed, and the instructors whose lives you uprooted without a second thought?

We deserve answers.


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