Featured in Block Club Chicago

Thank you, Kayleigh Padar, for covering the situation with Movement Gyms Chicago in Block Club Chicago.

Some notable quotes:

Instructors at both Chicago locations were celebrated in the summer for meeting target goals for six months straight, the former employee said. Just two days before learning about the classes’ cancellation, he met with the gym leadership to discuss plans for the next year, he said.

“Things were shifting a lot, and the old ways of doing things became obsolete, which I was totally on board with at first,” the former employee said. “I received nothing but good feedback, and there was no warning or anything. When my boss let me know that fitness and yoga classes would be paused indefinitely, I was dumbfounded. But they couldn’t give me any more information.

“It doesn’t make sense for the business to cut both those programs the same week that they brought out huge banners and signs touting climbing, yoga and fitness.”

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