How to Respectfully Ask for a Partial Refund

This will likely only work for Movement Chicago members.

Because of consumer protections laws, you may be able to get a partial refund from Movement for the time that Yoga and Fitness were not running.

One community member received a refund for one month.

The math:

Yoga + Fitness = 1/3 of Movement’s offerings

They were not running for 3 months, so a month’s refund would roughly cover that.

Before we tell you how, promise us something:

  • Promise that you’ll remember the people working in accounts at Movement are part of our community and had nothing to do with the decision to fire all the Yoga and Fitness instructors in Chicago
  • Promise you’ll treat them with respect regardless of if they’re able to give you a refund.
  • Promise not to lash out or argue with them if they give you an answer you don’t like.
  • This decision is above their pay grade. Yelling at them won’t help and instead causes harm to people in our community.
  • Promise you’ll instead direct your anger at
    • Jeremy Levitt (CEO):
    • Tony Ferrari (Regional Director):

We’re only asking this because we’ve had issues with community members harrassing gym staff in the name of the petition.

We’ve always been here to protect our community, not harm it.



Directions are on the next slide!

We don’t know if this will work, but you all deserve to know about an opportunity to ask for things to be made right.

Email (the accounting team)

Feel free to copy/paste or write your own as long as you’re respectful!

Dear Movement Accounting Team,

Hope you are doing well!

I am a Movement [Wrigleyville/Lincoln Park] member, and my membership was active during the time that the yoga and fitness programs were not running (December 2023–March 2024). As they make up 1/3 of the offerings advertised as part of the membership but were not offered during those months, I would like to request a partial reimbursement of my membership fees.

Thank you!

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