Posters, Pamphlets, Business Cards

Reach the New Year’s crowd at your local gym by talking to them in person.

Hang posters where you legally can (with permission of gym and local business owners) and hand out pamphlets/business cards to people walking into the gym.

Pdfs of posters, posters, and business cards you can print out to use are below.

Do this by:

  1. Identify peak hours at your gym (usually Friday evenings and Saturdays all day)
  2. Get a group of people together to take turns standing outside the gym. You’re less likely to be asked to leave if you’re not technically in the gym, but do take short shifts if it’s cold outside
  3. Ask everyone entering the gym, “Have you signed the petition yet?”
  4. If they haven’t but know about it, they can scan one of the QR codes. Have them sign it right then, so they don’t forget.
  5. If they don’t know about it yet, use the bullet points on the business card to explain that Movement leadership has acted outside of their core values and mistreated their Chicago community (and their entire nationwide community by extension). The petition is steps to repair the Chicago community and ensure a safe future for the entire climbing world. Ask them to sign right then. Give them a business card to give to one other person.
  6. If you are asked to leave by gym staff, be respectful and leave. Remember that local staff are on our side and are just doing their job. Tell us (DM us on Instagram or use the form on the Contact Page, so we can show how Movement leadership is trying to silence us even more)


Business Cards

If you don’t have access to lots of printing, here are business cards to hand out:

Single Business Card

This file only has a single (front/back) business card, so you can adjust to your printer’s needs

12 Cards/Sheet

This file has 12 per sheet with margins around .25″

Remember that we can make big changes when we work together!

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