Next time you go to the gym, talk with at least one person about our petition.

If you don’t know what to say, here’s a script to help you out!

[You] Hi, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you’ve heard about what happened at Movement’s Chicago gyms?

[Them] No, what happened?

[You] Right before the holidays, they suddenly canceled their yoga and fitness programs for “underperformance” and fired all the teachers with only a week of warning (while also raising membership prices)

[Them] Whoa what? That’s insane.

[You] Right? And Movement management never communicated “underperformance” to the teachers and supervisors beforehand. They actually were congratulating all of them just a few days before that.

[Them] Sounds like a financial move at the end of the year

[You] Probably! But that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable (or legal). Because it’s a breach of contract with the members, since yoga and fitness are promised.

[Them] I bet all the members there are upset

[You] Very. They actually started a national petition campaign to hold Movement leadership accountable for the contract breach and acting counter to their core values and commitment to community

[Them] National, wow. Will it do anything?

[You] Yes! Petitions are a strong way to encourage decision makers in any area to do better. And this petition campaign is being supported by a pledge to cancel. So they’re getting signatures from the entire climbing community to display public opinion and pledges to cancel from Movement members nationwide to show a commitment to action if leadership doesn’t meet the petition demands within a specific timeframe

[Them] Wait, so anyone can sign it, even non-Movement members? [sub non-Chicago members as appropriate]

[You] Yep, here’s a QR code to the petition. There’s a ton more info on that page too if you want to learn more before signing.

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