The Petition is Live!

The Chi Movement Solidarity Petition is live and ready to sign.

You can read the full letter to Movement leadership, learn important background information, find answers to frequently asked questions, and sign the petition letter here:

What are Our Demands?

The petition is a list of demands we will present to Movement leadership regarding their decision to cancel yoga and fitness in Chicago that is indicative of their willingness and ability to cause harm to the larger climbing community.

When we hold Movement leadership accountable now, we ensure a better future for everyone in the greater climbing community.

We are holding Movement leadership accountable by demanding:

  • A formal apology to all Movement members and staff with a plan outlining steps leadership will take to prevent this type of decision from occurring again
  • Reinstatement of the programs and all fired instructors with back pay
  • A written commitment to partner with the rehired instructors that includes a list of action steps (no empty promises!)
  • A partial refund to members whose memberships were active during the “pause”
  • New contracts for all current and rehired employees to include a goodwill notice period of at least 2 weeks before layoffs
  • Commitment to communicate program performance to supervisors on a monthly basis
  • Host at least two listening sessions with Chicago local gym staff, instructors, and members

You can read and sign the full petition here:

Our demands teach Movement leadership how to act in alignment with Movement’s core values and commitment to community.

And these demands benefit Movement members and employees nationwide by ensuring this does not happen at any location ever again.

That means, if another local gym gets acquired by Movement in 2024, that gym will be safe from this type of experience.


The petition page has an FAQs section and background information, so you can read more before signing.

Help Us Reach the First Milestone

Our first goal is 1,000 signatures, and we need your help to get there.

The impact we make is based on collective action.

Help us reach 1,000 signatures by:

Thank you for standing in solidarity with us.

From our hearts in Chicago, we thank you.

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