Timeline of (Lack of) Communication From Movement Leadership

December 4, 2023

Jeremy Levitt (CEO) sent an email to all Movement employees (including Chicago Yoga and Fitness instructors), congratulating them on growth and performance in 2023.

He talked about how the capital gains for Movement will be used to continue fulfilling Movement’s commitment to “our members, team members and the entire climbing community.”

To say thanks, Movement gave every team member a Mammut jacket.

He concluded the email, saying, “I look forward to all we will continue to accomplish together in 2024!”

December 8, 2023

Movement leadership informed Chicago Yoga and Fitness supervisors and instructors of their termination due to “underperformance,” effective end-of-day on December 15.

December 9, 2023

Movement leadership emailed a limited number of Chicago Yoga and Fitness participants to inform them about the “pause.”

Since then, Movement leadership has communicated no new information. Tony Ferrari (Regional Director) has responded to a few emails with text copied and pasted from the email sent out on December 9, emphasizing that they “didn’t make this decision lightly.”

In Short…

Movement leadership communicated conflicting messages to the Chicago Yoga and Fitness staff. They celebrated incredible growth and performance in 2023 only to fire them four days later for “underperformance.”

Chicago Yoga and Fitness staff and Movement members nationwide deserve the truth.

What is “underperformance”? Why didn’t Movement leadership partner with their local team and community members?

Keep emailing Movement leadership until we get the answers we deserve.

You’re welcome to use our email templates if you don’t know what to write.

The important thing is to keep emailing Movement leadership.

Don’t let this blow over.

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