What You Need to Know About the Cancellation of Movement Gyms Chicago’s Yoga and Fitness Programs

On December 9, 2023, Movement Chicago gym members received an email notice of the cancellation of the fitness and yoga programs due to “underperformance” with the final classes set for December 15. Class instructors and coaches were given the same amount of notice of their termination.

Movement cancelled these programs without asking for any feedback from members. They also claim to have notified the programs supervisors ahead of time, but supervisors say they were not contacted.

The “underperformance” Movement claims is shown through consistently full classes, happy class participants, and a thriving community that extends beyond the walls of the gym.

They did not specify, but it seems that the layoffs of the instructors is likely without the intention of re-hiring (and some instructors would not return anyway).

Chi Movement Solidarity

We are Movement members organizing a formal petition against the cancellation of these programs. You’ll be able to sign the petition on this website when it goes live.

Chi Movement Solidarity is for spreading the word and being loud together. We are here to hold Movement leadership accountable for their actions.

We will feature member testimonials, news, and plans. Send us stories of how important the fitness and yoga classes have been for you.

We ask Movement leadership to show us they care about us, their community. Prove us wrong. Hear us.

Let’s get loud, together.

What you can do:

Email Movement higher-ups:

Sign up to get an email when the petition goes live:

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